HealthTech Arkansas is a healthcare accelerator and investment fund that connects early-stage healthcare companies with disruptive technologies to Arkansas healthcare providers. We target the intersection of technology and healthcare in three categories: digital health (software), connected medical devices, and diagnostic platforms. Our program is by providers and for providers, so we seek technologies that can improve our providers’ quality of care and increase their efficiency. If selected to participate in the 2019 cohort, companies will be guaranteed two pilot projects with Arkansas providers and receive $75,000 of investment capital through a SAFE or convertible note.




2019 Cohort

2018 Cohort

"The HealthTech Arkansas team brought us a collection of companies in 2018 with disruptive technologies with the potential to increase our quality of care and make us more efficient. We enthusiastically support the program and look forward to seeing and working with the new crop of companies in 2019.”
–Drew Jackson, President, Arkansas Heart Hospital
“The increasing opportunity of leveraging technology in healthcare — especially in near real-time knowledge creation from large volumes of data — can profoundly impact health outcomes. The world-class technologies we get to see through HealthTech Arkansas have the potential to significantly improve the quality of care, and we look forward to our continued partnership.”
–Dr. Joseph Sanford, CMIO, UAMS Assistant Professor , Department of Anesthesiology
“Having a program that allows you to get fairly deep access — not just to senior decision-makers, but to actual users that will be the recipients and beneficiaries of the product — that is the type of access that most development-oriented companies lack. Having a program that bridges that gap and connects us to healthcare providers has been immensely impactful.”
–Jong Lee , Day Zero Diagnostics
“It’s been phenomenal to partner with HealthTech Arkansas because they have provided us access to those key providers and key partner hospitals who are so crucial to helping us build the right strategy for our business.”
–Jared Greer , Lapovations
“HealthTech Arkansas as an accelerator has been extremely unique. They guaranteed us access to at least two pilot locations. Providers that were genuinely interested in working with ExplORer Surgical and were excited to have us in their hospitals.”
–Brittany Genelin , ExplORer Surgical
"HealthTech Arkansas was a true accelerator for Ejenta. They connected us to great champions at the Arkansas Heart Hospital and UAMS, and Ejenta now has two deployments underway in Arkansas!"
–Rachna Dhamija, CEO , Ejenta
"Jeff and his team found clinical partners willing to work closely with health startups to validate their products both clinically and financially. This is a huge benefit to medical startups, where there are so many great ideas, yet few places to test them. We look forward to continuing to work with everyone, well past the end of the official program."
–Jeanie Smith, Strategic Account Manager & Inside Sales Manager , Medical Informatics Corp.
"HealthTech Arkansas has positioned Arkansas as one the true epicenters for innovation in healthcare. The macro-eyes experience of working with AHH, UAMS, and the HealthTech Arkansas team has been phenomenal."
–Benjamin Fels, CEO and Founder , Macro-Eyes


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2019 Program 





Early stage HealthTech companies are encouraged to apply to our program! Five companies are chosen each year to participate, and those five companies receive the following benefits:

  • Guaranteed pilot projects with at least two Arkansas providers, giving you the chance to improve your product/service/technology and demonstrate value to our providers. These pilots have the potential to convert to commercial contracts based upon the value you demonstrate.
  • $75,000 of up-front investment in the form of a SAFE agreement or convertible note.
  • Access to the HealthTech Arkansas Fund and our investing partners for potential follow-on investments.
  • A clinical mentor assigned to your team from each provider with whom you execute a pilot project. That mentor - in conjunction with the HealthTech Arkansas team - will work exclusively on your behalf to help make your pilot project the most successful it can be.
  • Standardized contract templates to help facilitate and expedite your work with our providers.
  • No requirement to be onsite for a fixed duration during the program. You’ll fly in and out of Arkansas to work with our providers just as you would with any other pilot project. All other content and communications are conducted remotely by phone and video conference.
  • “Contracting 101” and other educational sessions from our providers delivered via video conference so that anyone in your company can participate.
  • Access to the robust, statewide mentor network assembled by the HealthTech Arkansas team.

Requirements for your participation:

  • Be ready to conduct a pilot project on Day 1 of the program. Your technology needs to be built out and validated.
  • Have data from other pilot projects. In other words, we can’t be your first pilot.
  • You need to have raised at least $500K in external capital.
  • Your CEO and project lead need to commit to being onsite for the three days of our program kickoff: August 5-7, 2019. Those three days will be filled with public events, private events, and one-on-one meetings with providers with whom you’re conducting pilots.
  • Willingness to accept $75K of up-front investment in the form of a SAFE or convertible note, with a cap and discount rate negotiated with the HealthTech Arkansas team.
  • Willingness to issue a $25K SAFE or convertible note to HealthTech Arkansas in exchange for the value of being in the program.




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